Truman Cafe ($$)

The perfect cafe for joggers and lovers of Albert Park.


The Ambiance
A quaint cafe only a stones throw away from Albert Park on the North-West side down the road from MSAC. Truman’s has indoor and outdoor tables which means on a nice sunny day there are plenty of areas to sit. The tables are quite close together which adds to the relaxed and sociable atmosphere. Tables close together also allows you to have a sneak peak at the dishes people are ordering so you can judge which dish is best for you.


The Service
Upon arriving at Truman’s we were greeted by one of the friendly staff. The cafe was packed due to the great weather but we luckily got a table inside right next to the open window – the best of both worlds. The service was prompt when we were ready to order and the food and drinks came out in good time. We were even provided with little goodies from a sweet little girl who came by and dropped on our table an array of animal decorations! Then, when we finished eating and drinking and were ready to leave, it was easy enough to just head on up to the front and pay at the register. Nice, simple and effective service.


The Food
We arrived for brunch and therefore ordered:

  • Truman’s Brekkie – scrambled eggs, hash, avocado, relish on sourdough multigrain.
  • Haloumi Breakky – pumpkin, leek and sesame seed smash on sourdough multigrain with poached eggs, grilled haloumi, topped with kale pesto.

There wasn’t a standout here because both dishes were quite the treat! Truman’s definitely provides hearty dishes and do not go spare on any of the elements that form the dish. For the Truman’s Brekkie, the hash was an interesting concept that we liked though certainly not the healthiest part of the dish (but who’s complaining right?). The hash was large, thin and crispy and went well with all the other components on the plate. The Haloumi Breakky was filled with the smash mix which was very tasty. The poached eggs were cooked just right so the yolk was nice and runny when you put your knife through them.

trumans brekkie

haloumi brekky

The other dishes we saw around us looked just as good but we would certainly recommend  these two brunch options.

After downing a hearty breakfast, we cleansed our palates with a Jezabel juice: kiwifruit, mint, lime mixture which was refreshing and just what we needed for a sunny day!



Great for a sunny day after a stroll around Albert Park. Be sure to wear sunnies and a hat if you’re planning on sitting outside…(on a 27 degree day anyway). Great for small groups and couples.


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