Oscar Cooper ($$)

For a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s Chapel Street, Oscar Cooper is the cafe to be.



Oscar Cooper is a cafe located on the corner of Greville Street in Prahran, only metres away from Prahran Station and the busy Chapel Street shopping district.

Oscar Cooper makes a big focus on sourcing their food produce from local providers which means their dishes are always fresh and organic. Their coffee is also pretty damn good.

With tables inside and out, there are options for you depending on the Melbourne weather – though be warned, Oscar Cooper is nearly always full on the weekends from 10am until 3pm, so it is sometimes the case of just grabbing a seat anywhere you can.

So as we arrived, we beehived for a table indoors immediately as it was already getting busy and we had to get in there, and quick! Once settled, we were then immersed in the sounds of people chatting, eating, drinking and the smell of food wafting through the air – instantly putting us on alert. The tables are quite close together so you can see the dishes others are eating around you providing ideas on what to order. The atmosphere emulates your typical popular Melbourne coffee house.

Inside Oscar Cooper in Melbourne



Once seated, one of the friendly staff came over, gave us the menu and took a coffee order. All very nice and efficient. You are not left to your own devices for too long as they will come over and take your food order – in such a fast paced environment, fast service is crucial and they definitely didn’t fail on that.

It was very busy when we walked through the doors to Oscar Cooper at 10:30am, so the service was a little hectic but the staff did everything with a smile – they must be used to it being so busy.

When we had finished eating and drinking and were ready to leave, we just simply walked over to the till on the side of the bar and paid. As we didn’t have to wave down and articulate the international sign language for “can I have the bill?”, it definitely sped up the service – it also meant you don’t feel rushed at all and can leave when ready.



Oscar Cooper offers one of Melbourne’s greatest traits – brunch, amazing brunch. They offer a brunch menu available until 3:30pm, a lunch menu available from 11:30am until 3:30pm, and there are jaffles available all day long. We went for the following:

  • Chicken, gruyère and chive jaffle;
  • Luisa’s zucchini fritters with tomato fondue, buffalo mozzarella, micro herb salad, white balsamic reduction & poached eggs, and;
  • Oscar’s benedict on potato roesti, smashed avo, poached eggs and tangy hollandaise with house cured smoked salmon.

Chicken, chives and gruyere jaffle

The jaffle came first as if it were a starter. It was a beautiful colour of golden brown just as a jaffle (or toastie) should be. When we cut through the jaffle the gruyère just oozed out which is a great sight for all cheese lovers (and also those who have seen the recent film ‘Chef’ and how he cooks the perfect cheese jaffle). The chicken was succulent and though jaffles are nice and easy to make, it still has to be done properly, which it was.

Inside the chicken, chives and gruyere jaffle

The zucchini fritters and Oscar’s benedict made their way onto our table not too long after the jaffle had been devoured. Oscar’s benedict was excellent. All elements of the dish were cooked perfectly. The potato roesti was brown and crunchy on the outside and the potato soft on the inside. There was a good ratio of smoked salmon and smashed avocado to the potato roesti. With two poached eggs sitting atop of this mound it is a hearty portioned meal. The eggs were cooked just right, meaning the yolk just burst past the knife and trickled beautifully onto the plate. The hollandaise sauce helps add a tanginess to the dish and really brings the ingredients together nicely.

Oscar's benedict on potato roesti, smashed avo, poached eggs and tangy hollandaise with house cured smoked salmon.

The zucchini fritter plating looked fantastic and tasted even better. Again, the poached eggs were cooked to perfection, and the fritters were slightly crispy on the outside, lovely and soft on the inside. The fondue is the key element to this dish – it was a sweet tomato fondue that really added depth and extra taste to the other elements on the plate. If you get a bit of everything on the fork and spread a bit of this fondue across the top, you are very simply in brunch heaven! It won’t be too sweet either, as the buffalo mozzarella helps reduce the initial sweetness on the tongue.

We were stuffed at the end of this brunch feast and very, very satisfied!

Luisa’s zucchini fritters with tomato fondue, buffalo mozzarella, micro herb salad, white balsamic reduction & poached eggs



If you are heading to Chapel Street for a day of shopping or just want to have a short trip to one of the south eastern suburbs for breakfast, brunch or lunch, then Oscar Cooper is a certain recommendation. The food is awesome and the coffee just as good. It is one of our favourite weekend brunch places. There is definitely a lot going for this quirky little coffee house and eatery in Prahran, so be sure to check them out!


View the Oscar Cooper menu:

Oscar Cooper menu

Oscar Cooper on Urbanspoon

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