Yauatcha (££)

Since moving to London, the struggle for delicious Chinese food has been real.

Thankfully, amidst the vast array of Indian and Middle Eastern delicacies, Yauatcha introduces authentic Chinese flavours.

Yauatcha’s interior is elegant and welcoming with enough privacy for a quite romantic dinner, yet spacious enough for a group celebration. With service so efficient, you could hardly swallow a bite before the next lot of dishes came out…! Good, bad? Each to their own – for us personally we would have preferred to savour each dish to

Our recommendation is definitely the baked venison puff – after taking one bite, we couldn’t resist… we just had to order another dish of venison puff! Rich, juicy meat in a crispy, sweet pastry. We couldn’t decide whether it was a sweet or savoury dish, but frankly…that did not matter one bit! Yummy! Definitely a must try.

What was your favourite dish from this post? Let us know below

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